Friday, August 7, 2009

ZenTiger Trotter - Envy is a Virtue

Chris Trotter, resident communist, went to ground after the election, issuing relatively benign opinion pieces to perhaps attempt to rebuild his credibility after a series of increasingly irrational attacks on National prior to the day NZ voted Helen Clark OUT. Now, he begins his comeback.

This week's article flogs Christianity for promoting envy as one of the seven sins. His angle is that envy is a virtue. It is good and proper to envy others their entitlements, because then you can take it away from them and make everything even.

Chris advances a conspiracy theory notion, based on serious inability to comprehend the evil of envy, as a mere tool for keeping the proletariat compliant.

Chris Trotter, with a straight face has just expounded the essence of communism. And it's all built on envy.

Chris is so confused, it's going to take me a while to explain why. Unfortunately, I have work to do, so this will have to wait. Here's a hint though - a sense of justice is what determines any outrage at discovering people have their snouts in the trough. The importance of righting wrongs. Do I envy the relatively modest salaries of our Ministers, and the concept of reimbursing them for fair expenses incurred as they go about their demanding jobs? Not at all.

One other thing for sure Chris. I don't envy you.

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scrubone said...

Interesting to read this post for the first time then see that I've linked to it.. how did that happen?

I ignore Chris Trotter. I simply became cynical as to his motives behind writing - he alternated between this sort of trash and stuff that makes sense to ordinary people.

Sean said... don't have a link?

Sean said...

Whilst searching Trotter on Stuff I came across this ripper:
CHRIS TROTTER: Helen of destroy loses faithful

I like the title "Helen of destory" - the sort of term I would expect FFM to come up with!

Anyway what about these lines (referring to the early Labour govt year)?:
"Helen kept her word and no politician had done that for at least 15 years."

"Politics had become a dirty word in the 1980s and 90s: a synonym for arrogance, dishonesty and sleaze.
By under-promising and over-delivering, Clark changed all that."

"For the first time in nearly two decades of disappointment and betrayal, New Zealanders began to hope that their country had turned a corner: that at long last they had a government that would hear and obey the wishes of the people."

- to be fair, after all that fantasy he does begin to make amends later in the Feb-2008 article, and I do recall he wrote quite a few articles lambasting Labour and Clark closer to the election. In fact in one he actually called for Clark to be replaced before the election.

Helen's zeitgeist goes missing

Trotter Says Vote National

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