Monday, August 17, 2009

Andrei Just when you thought you had seen it all

Something new surprises you - in this case a blogger leaving troll comments on his own posts.

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KG said...

Spondre is an idiot and No Minister (with the possible exception of Adolf and Lou) are comments whores--nothing matters to them as much as raw comments numbers.

Barnsley Bill said...

Ahem! A bit harsh KG methinks.
Stand by for some changes at No Minister.
Blogging is a weird past time really. Sometimes I will post something off the cuff and get a heap of comments and then when I sit down and write something with a little more care that really involves me I get very few. As a self esteem building tool it is very poor.

Angus said...

It's a bit like Ben Affleck seemingly having a career death wish by making a bad movie in every genre - No Minister seems similarly afflicted.

BB your blog is good in it's own right, as with FFM's now too.

Redbaiter said...

"Ahem! A bit harsh KG methinks."

Think what you like A-hole. You're another one who posts mostly shit.

Spondre has brought a good blog down to gutter level. Making posts that are designed to boost hits through soft porn. Gutless and unintelligent. (but that's Spondre all over)

No way No Minister can ever regain the credibility needed to criticise journalists in the mainstream media now.

Adolf and his team are reduced to a laughing stock.

(BTW, whose damn fool idea was it to allow this repugnant moron a foot in the door anyway??)

KG said...

This just in:
He's gone.

KG said...

"(BTW, whose damn fool idea was it to allow this repugnant moron a foot in the door anyway??)'
My guess would be Psycho Milt

Redbaiter said...

My guess is Gooner.


I know what you are thinking, but i could not possibly comment.
At least Spondre did not post on Obama.
An no, I don't want him as a co-blogger at my blog.

Barnsley Bill said...

It was a collective decision on the way in and the way out.

ZenTiger said...

Collectivist thinking on the way in, and share holder response on the way out? :-)

KG said...


Barnsley Bill said...

Zen. I was being polite. There is no collective. A request was made, we all discussed it and a decision was made. My collective comment was more to demonstrate unanimity rather than any commune type arrangememnt. You know some of the guys and i would hope that you have a reasonable read on me to understand where I am coming from.
Oh and redbaiter, come on over from your curtained coccoon of loneliness in WA. I am up in Kerikeri. Not hard to find at all. lets have a little chat and see how big you are face to face you miserable little half man.

ZenTiger said...

BB - yep, I kind of figured all that. No offense meant by my comment. Couldn't resist a poor joke, not meant at you guys, but more about (IMHO) the positive way you all moved to protect the No Minister brand - shareholder action!

It's always a good idea to observe any prospective bloggers for a while by their comments on other blogs, or your own blog. that will indicate if they will fit in better.

Just my opinion, but I think Bryan would be more suited to another blog such as Canterbury Atheist, or perhaps something more enlightening such as a Tibetan monastery.

Redbaiter said...

"lets have a little chat and see how big you are face to face you miserable little half man."

You started it loser with your random posts attacking Redbaiter (in his absence) on various other blogs. You'd think a clapped out old wanker like you would at least have learned through the years that its best not to start something you don't have the balls or the brains to finish.

I merely told you the truth. Your blog posts are worthless bottom shelf crap. Karaoke videos and exceedingly boring examples of infantile pseudo liberal drivel mixed with nauseating overdoses of baby boomer nostalgia. Pffft.. Who the hell needs that??

Blogs are meant to add something to the debate, not just be outlets for the self absorbed wittering of senile old fools with one foot in the grave and the other on a roller skate.

As a writer, you're a drone. A ten year old could do better. You and your good mate Spondre should start a blog, and then people could have the pleasure of staying away in droves from the two most weak arsed addle brained and boring degenerates on the NZ net.

Barnsley Bill said...

I am going to regret this... But here goes anyway.
Rather than trolling around on other peoples blogs why not start your own?
Your vile fascist ranting gives everybody on the right a bad rep. Every comment we ever see from you is spit flecked hate.
You are a sad little man.

Redbaiter said...

Oh, and if I were you I'd likewise stop embarrasing myself with similarly infantile drivel on No Minister as well. Re-cycled pseudo liberal crap.

As a writer, you'd make an excellent fruit picker.

Barnsley Bill said...

Mid evening in Perth is it?

Redbaiter said...

Fascism is a leftist political construct you poor shallow ignoramus. When it comes to politics, you'd be better at bus driving.

Lucia Maria said...

Ok, that does it. Take it outside. I'm shutting this thread down.