Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ZenTiger John Key Lied Today

John Key lied today, as reported in this mornings DomPost. He said words to the effect that "smacking is legal". [Update: I've finally got to have a proper look at the article. I got it wrong, and owe Key an apology - he didn't quite lie, he just misdirected by avoiding the substance of the issue. I cover off here why his weasel words actually create a different problem with the smacking legislation.] Meanwhile, I reaffirm what Key is avoiding saying - that the law bans smacking for the purposes of correction or discipline.

This is what the act says:

(2) Nothing in subsection (1) or in any rule of common law justifies the use of force for the purpose of correction.

How clearer could this possibly be? All forms of discipline (such as a smack) are technically illegal. Whether or not the police choose to prosecute is another matter. Actually, I would prefer the police prosecute all infringements of the law. We need to respect the laws, not be told to ignore them. If this results in injustice, the law must be changed to be just.

It is hard to debate when even the Prime Minister willfully misrepresents the facts.

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Big News said...

Obviously you havent watched yesterdays post-cabinet press conference. He said there have been no prosecutions. He also said that if New Zealand parents are criminalised or their chldren are taken off them for what can only be described as... minor or inconsequential smacking then the law has to be changed.

WOnder what he`ll say tomorrow.

ZenTiger said...

Yes, given the recent case I guess he will now have to change his stance to "I'll change the law if there is more than a few cases"

MK said...

What a load of crap, so he'll change the law if any unfair prosecutions happen. Well how about legalizing rape then, because i'm sure some fellow somewhere must have been wrongfully prosecuted and all that. What a moronic argument to use.

I hoped for your sakes that Key would have been different to the rest of the scumbags lording over you folks, guess not ey.

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