Saturday, August 1, 2009

ZenTiger Starved For Any Ideas

Who wrote the DomPost editorial? I'm guessing a visiting junior journalist from the Truth. It's just missing a picture of a 19 year old Carla Bruni in a skimpy swimsuit. The Editorial is titled "Starved for presidential ideas". Seems the DomPost is starved for any ideas.

The editorial was all about French President Nicolas Sarkozy trying to keep up with his ex-super model wife, Carla Bruni who is 14 years younger.

The editorial abounds with stereotypical sexist commentary, with an underlying theme that the author would very much like to take Carla out on a date in his HQ Holden, which he seems to think represents "the delights of dating New Zealand style".

Talk about vacuous. Whilst I usually ignore such items, today it seemed worth pointing out that it's the editorial, and I thought editorial's were supposed to be intelligent commentary. With all that happened this week in New Zealand, it's even more of a surprise.

The other point is inadvertently reinforced in the "boys weekly" article is that all of the participants have been through marriages laced with infidelities, and it's on that basis the author is hopeful a trip in his Holden will lead to yet another.

I find it a pity marriage is treated not even with contempt, but as an irrelevance.

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ZenTiger said...

PS: No, that's not Carla in a bathing suit. It's my strange sense of humour that I thought it worth doing what the editorial could not do (but dearly wanted) and actually display an obligatory photo.

And we all know where that picture came from, No?

Leonidas said...

Yesh, missh Moneypenny. :)

Andrei said...

Nope Leonidas - you've just failed James Bond 101.

Its Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) from movie Dr No.

Better luck with the Calculus - a much more useful paper in any case.

Leonidas said...

Ummm, it was in response to Zen's last line?.
I do own this film, but just couldn't come up with a suitable follow on from Zen :)

mojo said...

Nice pic Zen.
Just may show your age a little though ... also that blogs can indeed do what the msm daren't.

ZenTiger said...

Actually, I'm not quite that old.

I'm more towards the era when Bo Derek was a 10, Purdy had superseded Emma Peel and Charlies Angels ruled supreme.

mojo said...


MK said...

"I find it a pity marriage is treated not even with contempt, but as an irrelevance."

Which in turn partly explains why the western world is largely becoming more irrelevant in a changing world.

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