Monday, August 10, 2009

Andrei Self absorbed Prat

Labour MP Chris Carter believes he has received more attention over his travel costs and spousal travel because he is gay, implying the news media have a prurient interest in him.

Can you believe this? Chris Carter believes he is been picked on because he is GAY!

I've got news for this fellow, his pitiful attempts at grievance mongering after he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar are beyond sickening.

Nobody gives two hoots about Mr Carter's sex life - they do however care very deeply about being forced to the fund hedonistic lifestyles of parasites like Mr Carter while they struggle from day to day to feed, house, cloth and educate their children, the next generation of New Zealanders and this country's real wealth.

Playing the grievance card is not going to intimidate people in to shutting up this time Mr Carter - it is going to make them more angry.

But this puffed up fellow is so full of his self importance he will probably never get that.

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ZenTiger said...

MP Chris Carter has emerged as the big spender, clocking up more than $200,000 in six months.

His spending, which was twice as much as the average Labour cabinet minister, included $83,000 on international travel, $83,000 travelling in limos, taxis and rental cars, $23,000 on domestic air fares and about $20,000 on accommodation.

That despite Carter being the MP of a small urban electorate and holding the education portfolio, not normally associated with international travel.

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