Saturday, August 8, 2009

ZenTiger Clark Still Cancerous and Corrosive

Helen Clark introduced a new definition into the Labour dictionary from her Ivory New York Tower:

Vindictiveness: To implement a policy not aligned to Labour; usage:

"National scrapping Labour's sustainability agenda was motivated by sheer vindictiveness"

One would therefore imagine that Labour under Helen Clark aiming to scrap many jobs (as a consequence of their sustainability agenda) was also motivated by sheer vindictiveness.

Even from New York, she speaks for Labour and not for New Zealand. That appears to me to be unfortunately "cancerous and corrosive" (a term she reserves for an opposition leader not aligned to Labour policy).

She was every bit the dictator rather than the diplomat when she retreated to labeling all the foreshore and seabed protesters as "Haters and wreckers".

Against the widespread protest of the Electoral Finance Bill and the Anti-Smacking Bill, she was dismissive, considering anyone with a different opinion were confined to "the beltway" or misinformed. This attitude has not changed one iota.

Time to move on Helen Clark.

UPDATE: What am I thinking? This isn't just about bashing the NZ government to help Labour - she has moved on! This is all about bashing the NZ Government to advance the aims of her new squeeze: The United Nations. We can expect an ongoing stream of abuse until New Zealand toes the line. Time to cut back ALL U.N. funding and spend it where it will be to our benefit.

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KG said...

Will no one rid us of this turbulent Marxist cow?

John Tertullian and Contra Celsum said...

Amen, and amen. I was delighted to read that NZ has reduced its wasteful expenditure on the UN. I had missed that being reported upon here. But it was great to hear the "bad news" from Clark herself.
Let's hope that Jim McClay' arrival will shake up the whole NZ contingent at the UN which for too long has been acting like a coven of doctrinaire international socialists.

Lucia Maria said...

No, Zen. She does not speak for Labour - she's now speaking for the UN. First we start with the subtle pressure that makes it look like she's speaking as the former PM. However, she has the weight of the UN behind her now. I wonder what she's saying in private to the NZ Government?

Sally said...

"she (Clark)was dismissive, considering anyone with a different opinion were confined to "the beltway" or misinformed. This attitude has not changed one iota."

Through her propaganda and abuse of her position as PM and now her UN job, she has trained the global warming fanatics well.

"But she says aid has never been more vital, as developing countries are hit even harder."

Yet Clark relentlessly pushes the
"intractable problem solver's" agenda to tax the life blood out our economy.

MK said...

That's the thing about leftist politicians, long after they've been escorted from office they're still chirping and whining. They can't seem to contain the inner totalitarian and scumbag in them.

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