Monday, August 17, 2009

Andrei A proposal or a done deal?

The headline reads: Agency to rule on new cures

And the lead paragraph says
A powerful agency will decide which treatments to provide at public hospitals under a major revamp of the health system.

The Government yesterday made public a long-awaited report on the health system after details of a Ministerial Review Group's recommendations were leaked to The Dominion Post last week.

But by reading through to the bottom, if you have the stomach for it, reveals that this may not be a particularly popular idea amongst those who will actually make the final decisions.
Health Minister Tony Ryall said the Government was not obliged to accept any of the report's 170 recommendations, and he would not support any that increased bureaucracy. The Cabinet is likely to consider the report in the next few months.

So the whole story turns out to be a think tank piece which the Dominion has obtained and gone off the deep end with.

And the headline and first paragraph are utter BS

Update: Homepaddock has posted on the substance of this report in a manner that puts that of the Dominion Post to shame. The efficient delivery of health services is a matter of interest and concern to us all and one worthy of debate which will not be assisted at by the muddying of waters by poor reporting.

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