Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ZenTiger John Key cannot use provocation as a defense

Prime Minister John Key, the man whose mantra is "I'm not changing the law until I see it is broken" has signed off on a new bill to abolish the partial defense of provocation, even though the law isn't broken and Clayton Weatherston, who tried such a defense, failed and was found guilty of murder.

National Explains: I wasn't provoked to doing this, I just felt like it

Actually, Simon Power tried to explain that it's going to stop people explaining why they murdered some-one. In a fair trial, some would consider that idea to be flawed. Furthermore, with the judge given the ability to apply variable sentences, we are not going to shut up defendants making their case any way. I guess they figure the quicker they can muzzle a defendant, the quicker they can administer justice.

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Anonymous said...

Nice comparison ZT, very nice. :-)

Its like shooting fish in a barrel...

Leonidas said...

A triumph of stupidity over common sense.

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