Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ZenTiger Sponsor a Child II

Earlier, I suggested sponsoring a child to direct your donation is a great idea, and it's a low cost way to really make a difference in the world. Some children can be sponsored for as little as $30 per month, and yet receive vital education and health resources that really give them a chance. It seems readers know of many such unfortunate children in need of love, attention and a a few bucks a month. At FFM's suggestion, here are a couple more:


Roger is a delightfully cheeky lad, who has had a troubled past. Many years ago, he was sponsored by a generous family who sent their monthly donation to him to supplement the meager earnings he made working two jobs in the sweat shops of the Rowling and Lange Factories, living on a diet of fish and chips. However, his benefactors eventually died and Roger was not able to face up to that loss. He still thinks they should be sending him the monthly cheque for the rest of his life, and that is why we need your donation. A mere $40 a month and 600,000,000 frequent flyer points will maintain the fiction in his mind that this kindly couple are still alive and able to sustain him. Socialists and psychiatrists think this is the only thing keeping him barely sane. Whilst Rodney has taken Roger under his right wing, the danger of a socialist relapse cannot be understated.


Chris has known from a young age that he is somehow different from the rest of the boys. Whereas they would dress up in jeans and a T-shirt, he was drawn to the Khaki pant suits commonly seen on Explorers of the "Dark Continent". His mates could not get him near a double breasted suit, but he'd slip into the pantaloons of a Gondolier from Venice in the blink of an eye. Chris would shun the school uniform, and yet often be dressed as a sailor in the Navy.

Such tendencies could mean only one thing. It was obvious to all that this young man wanted to travel!

But coming from a small village with no running water, clothing donated from the Salvation Army and an education budget that barely covered the cost of chalk, travel was likely to be nothing more than an empty dream for Chris.

However, if you can find just $40 a month, Chris can commence studies to become the Minister for Education in tiny New Zealand. Chris has set his sights on the bottom of the world, to be hired as the Minister for Education, traveling the world as befits such a position. Failing that, in the back benches as member of the opposition should get him over to England once a year.

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