Saturday, August 29, 2009

Andrei Oh - the wonders of "non tactile" discipline made manifest

Well the elite are certain, smacking kids is not good for them. That's why we have a law that forbids it, whether we like it or not.

But despite this law kids are getting more violent and harder to control, according to this article in this mornings Herald.

Primary school pupils of all age groups are increasingly willing to resort to violence, worried teachers say.

Auckland Primary Principals Association president Marilyn Gwilliam said school heads were becoming more concerned after noticing an increase in violent behaviour among the 5- to 10-year-olds.

Figures show the number of stand-downs (set periods of time that children are not allowed to attend school) for assaults by 8-year-olds increased by 88 per cent from 2000 to last year.Seven-year-olds received 73 per cent more stand-downs last year than in 2000, 6-year-olds had 70 per cent more, and stand-downs of 5-year-olds increased by 33 per cent.

Mrs Gwilliam said schools were struggling to handle the children. "They kick and they bite and they hit."

It was especially difficult as teachers were not allowed to touch children, so must instead try "non-tactile" techniques to calm them.

Children aged 9 and 10 appeared the most violent of primary school pupils, with 214 stand-downs among 9-year-olds for physical assault on others and 327 among 10-year-olds last year.

They kick they bite and they hit - Oh don't they know its against the law to kick and bite and hit?

Surely by the time they start school their parents, kindergartens and play centers should have taught them "non tactile techniques" for tantruming or for use in dispute resolution whether it be disagreements with their peers or higher authorities such as teachers.

Perhaps "non tactile" techniques are not all they are cracked up to be.

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tom said...

Simple answer, they are the result of poor parenting
Maybe parenting skills should be taught at school

Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, Tom, maybe school ought to teach the children that their mothers should be looking after them, rather than going off to work. That'll go down a treat, since a number of teachers are working mothers themselves.

KG said...

How many kids have you raised Tom?

Leonidas said...

Tom is right, from a certain point of view.

parents no longer have a full arsenal when dealing with children who are pushing the boundary's.

Kids KNOW there are no real consequences for their actions, and act accordingly.

That we, as parents have allowed this to happen is poor.

what is unfathomable, is why people like Tom think more of the same will fix the problem.

Bogusnews said...

Weren't we told that the removal of corporal punishment was going to make children less violent? Don't the non smacking types say that smacking is what makes kids violent because it teaches them violence is the way to get things done?

Essentially, it was a load of bollocks. There is no convincing evidence that smacking in a loving, decent home causes anything of the kind. But we have the evidence right in front of us that the removal of smacking DOES cause children to become violent.

It's about time the minority admitted they were wrong.

tom said...

I have raised three kids who most definitely had extremely strong boundaries.
However I will admit that parenting took a lot of time energy and commitment and we had to sacrifice a lot financially so that they had a stay at home parent (moi)
which meant going without a lot of material things
It has however paid off.
My kids were never difficult even through adolescence I never experienced any behavioural problems whatsoever
I guess I could have been just lucky

As regards removing corporal punishment making kids more violent.
I don't agree with that at all
I would have to be convinced there is more violence now then historically
Which I am not sure there is
There does seem to be inherent lack of respect for people and property, in this consumerists money driven society with its focus on money money money
people need to reconnect with their families and the society in which they live
You guys will probably site lack of religious based morality , to a point you are probably right eg a lot of Islamic societies don't seem to have the same sort of problems.

What to do?
Maybe we need to concentrate less on teaching academic subjects and focus on teaching social skills, acceptable behaviour, parenting and good communication the earlier the better really
Can't see it happening though

PS can I ask a question
Does anybody here agree with hitting kids with kitchen implements?
I think probably not, but I have mentioned it a couple of times but with no response

tom said...

I had the shit beaten out of me at school by some teachers
All it did was make me skive off school very frequently and leave as soon as I could therefore not reaching my full potential. Infact one or two of the teachers were quite sadistic when i think about it
We has compulsory morning worship and about the age of 12 I had worked out that their probably was not a God and refused to Pray I was canned and canned till I did. bastards

Leonidas said...

Tom, it's a bitch when no-one answers your questions, innit?.

so I'll do you the courtesy.....

Q:"Does anybody here agree with hitting kids with kitchen implements?"

A: depends entirely on the situation, as with all implementations of reasonable force, for instance to punish a two year old for touching/ playing with something they should not have, for me, no. for dealing with a domineering 14 year old who knows it all, and is about to strike his mother, ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTLEY.

Sean said...

Tom asked: "Does anybody here agree with hitting kids with kitchen implements?"

Probably not answered because it is poorly defined and looks like a trap. Anyway isn't it more important to question the amount of force used? ...let alone the implement used: a teaspoon and and a carving knife aren't equally as menacing!

Leonidas said...

I can see it now: "Thomas, put that down or mummy will have to thrash you with the tea-spoon again!"


KG said...

The flat of a wooden spoon across the backside is very effective Tom. :-)

KG said...

Beating with a cast-iron frypan, less so...

Sean said...

But cast-iron frying pans are non-stick, right?

KG said...

Of course, Sean..:-)

tom said...
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tom said...

looks like you have somewhere other then Act to go

PAUL I spose both National and Labour shutting down the smacking issue, given the result of the referendum provides a good platform for you, on one issue at least?

WINSTON Well it's not a platform I like because I tell you, I was aghast at this from the very beginning, you will see that the mass majority of my party voted against this bill, we were some of the few who did, and I'll tell why I did, I know something about the brutalising of children, and it's gone on, 16 people have died, young children have died in horrible circumstances since Bradford's bill because she's set out to get the wrong target, not decent families in this country were the object of her bill, and yet she said that she would have a solution. My evidence is this, 16 young people have died, her solution is no solution at all. What we need in this country, and particularly in the Maori world, and in the Polynesian world might I say, is to focus on peer pressure against the violence in our society. Let's not duck around the bush here.

If i believed in God i would give praise each day that I do not share the same views as Rodney Hyde and Winston Peters

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