Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ZenTiger Suicide Booths

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The joke here of course is that it will not be a mere 25 cents. There's bound to be a tax on it too. Anyway, forget the suicide booths for the moment. I think it's going to go much further than this. Once society embraces a culture of death, all sorts of opportunities will pop up for assisted suicide.

How about criminals? Rather than put them in for life, I suspect one day we'll see them given the option for "voluntary execution". Maybe they spend a year in jail, with some approved luxuries in exchange, sorry, in respect of, their wish to be executed at the end of that year rather than face life imprisonment?

Maybe it will become more popular when they factor in that the family outside has to meet a pay scale to cover imprisonment. Throw in organ donation bonuses, and it becomes a "noble option" to settle all debts on the way out.

Will it come to this?

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