Friday, August 28, 2009

Andrei Its all a game but with a guaranteed loser - you!

Have you heard about this BS going down with the ETS select committee. There was supposed to be a report tabled yesterday. Problem was that the Maori party had included a minority report from their viewpoint within the document and decided they wanted to withdraw it.

So no report.

And of course the usual suspects are going on about it: Govt runs roughshod over rules, stifles ETS debate But it is all posing and posturing.

What the argument is really about is how much can be stolen from the productive sector and who will get spoils.

And these pompous posing prats with their press releases are no different from a mafioso running a racket - no different at all except they do not use physical violence to accomplish their thievery. Instead they shelter behind the courts and the law and pretend they are civilized as they plot their latest extortion racket.

And whats in the withdrawn report - I have no idea but you can count on it that the Maori party's game is to maximize ETS slurping for those to whom they owe favors.

At least there is one politician that gets it and other things besides.

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Lucia Maria said...

The only thing is, the National Party came out with very similar statements on a number of issues - however, put them into power and they are Labour/Helen Clark reincarnated.

When it comes down to it, Rodney Hide talks the talk and so does ACT, but I know he personally wants to legalise euthanasia, so I would no longer vote for him for that reason alone.

I'm taking any statement from any politicians with a grain of salt now, no matter how convincing they sound.

Andrei said...

I'm taking any statement from any politicians with a grain of salt now, no matter how convincing they sound.

Me too - its not often a good one comes along

tom said...

Jennette is honest ;-)
I have met her several times she is most

mojo said...

'Loose' or 'lose?'
'Noose' or 'nose?'

.... & he, the etymologist, cried a river of tears, for somewhere in there the meaning was lost ... albeit what was more frightening, was that nobody realised.

KG said...

Some of the world's most dangerous people have been "sincere". Sincerity in itself is not necessarily a virtue.
You're no more than a brainless cheerleader for the left Tom. Jeanette is so "honest" she declared her interest in alternative energy companies up front, right?
Oh, hang on--no, she didn't. Scratch a greenie and you'll find either a naive fool or a Marxist.

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