Friday, December 23, 2011

Andrei Another milestone in the cultural suicide of the west

No doubt the oblivious will see this as a significant advance in the mankind's progress - the US Navies first Lesbian homecoming kiss.

But like every decaying and decadent culture that has fallen before it there is a brief moment where vapid self indulgence rules the roost.

The problem is when the barbarians come it takes self sacrifice and courage to beat them off.

And of course if you are going to sacrifice everything to preserve your culture and heritage against barbarians it has to be worth preserving - and ours no longer is.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, how sad, a soldier and a sailor, both laying their lives on the line for "Truth, Justice and The American Way" should not be permitted to embrace, much less kiss, when reunited after a long absence.

No, we must insist that they are abnormal, imoral and a danger to little children and farm animals, so much easier than simply recognising them as Humans like ourselves.

Make them The Other, then the pogrom can begin.

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