Thursday, December 22, 2011

Andrei Liberal disconnect

Awful lot of hand wringing over this horror: Mum is girl's worst nightmare.

Yes - the usual fix, more money for more Government intervention.

We live in a culture that doesn't value children - Liberals will never see the contradiction between their hand wringing over murdered babies and their total commitment to abortion whereby 17,000 babies die in this country every year.

Liberals hate the concept of motherhood - that's why the Virgin Mary receives such stick actually. She is the epitome of MOTHERHOOD, the perfect ideal MOTHER - they hate that.

They hate the concept of a stay at home mother raising her children. To be a housewife was a title of respect not so long ago - it was a good thing to be. Now it's associated with being a looser.

The word has gone replaced by homemaker where it cannot be avoided.

So now we bring up girls to have careers, family that's a nice to have one day maybe with a male or female partner according to sexual preference but an optional extra in life - and instead of wasting their lives raising lots of their own children they can now get a social work degree and tell the underclass how to raise theirs, the underclass. being about the only people who are actually producing children in great numbers.

So how many children has the mum in the story produced - I believe it is five.

All this social progress is not working out all that well but what the heck.

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