Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lucia NZ Bishops Ad Limina visit to Rome

Today the Bishop of Auckland, Patrick Dunn, is off to Rome with all the other NZ Bishops for their 5-yearly ad limina visit, last observed 7 years ago. On his website, he talks about the visit being completed before Christmas.

The ad limina visit to Rome is a formal process during which bishops give an account of their Dioceses to the Holy Father and various Vatican Offices. 

Bishop Dunn's podcast is the only place in the media that I can find any mention of the NZ Bishops going on their ad limina visit. No mention in the Wel-Com paper, or in Bishop Dunn's NZ Catholic paper.

I emailed Angela Pike late last week, the Communications Advisor listed on the Catholic Church of NZ website, asking her when the NZ ad limina visits were to occur.  I've had no reply.

Contrast this almost complete silence with the American media coverage. When the Australian Bishops had finished their visits, Roco Palmo on his blog said that this completed all the visits from the Anglo world, with the United States being the last to go.
Just over a fortnight until the Stateside bench begins its first report to Rome in B16's pontificate, the past week has seen the first ad limina visit of the Australian bishops to the reigning Pope.

Last received in early 2004, the Aussies were the last Anglophone bench outside the USCCB who had yet to make the all-important trip since Benedict's 2005 election.

He wasn't the only person very interested in the visits - most American news has made the fact that the ad limina visits were going to occur very soon for their bishops a point of great interest and anticipation.

It looks like the NZ Bishops have been slotted in between the visits of the American bishops.  The Pennsylvania and New Jersery Bishops finish up their visit on the 10th of December.  Of the NZ Bishops, Patrick Dunn says he's leaving today and coming back before Christmas.  Short of any more clarifying information, that's all I know for sure right now.

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