Monday, December 5, 2011

Andrei Oh the Philistines

Some people live in a world of their own.
Critics have labelled Creative New Zealand "anti-Auckland" after it failed to award funding to a project highlighting the work of some of the city's most important artists.

The body declined an application for $29,000 to continue the "Cultural Icons" project, dismaying its backers, and earning the wrath of the arts community in city.

Art critic and writer Hamish Keith said: "I do know that there is an attitude in Creative New Zealand that this is an Auckland initiative and they can't be bothered with it."
What this all means is no more dosh from creative New Zealand to fund this.

So Auckland's Iconic people will just have to find someone else to pay for their vanity website.

I'm sure they will.

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ZenTiger said...

What a pack of whingers.

What they really mean to say is "all the money Creative NZ has handed out to others (about 1.5 million I think) was to those far less deserving than the elite of the artistic community (namely themselves) and they can't believe the kind of crap that got grants over their masterful efforts.

That, and the expectation that there is a limitless well of money available for any of such undisputed talents.

Indeed, if they weren't such a pack of whingers, they may have actually qualified. But Creative NZ probably decided that withholding the money would create a much better artistic performance by this mob, as witnessed in today's papers.


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