Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Andrei Joy to the world

T'was five days before Christmas and all through the land the Christmas traditions of yore were on display.

The booze bus round up - a seasonal favourite

Church Billboards go up some proclaimed via press release to ensure as wide an audience as possible,

Catholic Bashing

People collecting in Public Bars for charity

Office Christmas parties are always good for a laugh

Christmas Kittens

And perhaps the most important question we ask ourselves in the lead up to Christmas - Plastic or pine

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Lucia Maria said...

Catholic bashing by a homosexual journalist - what a surprise!

It's amazing more Catholics don't kill themselves.

Andrei said...

I was going to post on that - then I thought nah

But look at this from it

Must admit, I grew out of my Catholic upbringing fairly rapidly. There is a slender chance, however, that if someone like (the St Matthew-in-the-City reverend) Glynn Cardy had been in charge of my early religious instruction (instead of moronic nuns and priests) I might have lasted a bit longer. To have been offered the opportunity to believe in Jesus as a politician rather than as a prophet? Could have made all the difference. Actually, I could still believe in that.

A politician not a prophet? What sort of Catholic upbringing did he have?

Jesus is God incarnate not a prophet did he learn his religion in a mosque?

Lucia Maria said...


He looks roughly a similar age to me, therefore I can say with certainty his Catholic education was really light-weight. I also left the Faith when I was in my teens.

I think the biggest problem with Catholic education of that time right up until now was a loss of the concept of sin. When I was in primary school, we were regularly taken down to the Church for Confession, but by the end of primary school, that practice had ended. Didn't happen in Intermediate or College. I remember in 5th RE colouring in sheep for a picture that we had to draw. In other words, there was very little substance to what was being taught.

Not sure how the journalist equated Jesus with being a prophet - that wasn't taught. Even I knew He was God. Or that the Faith taught He was God. I'd guess that was something he picked up during his denial of the whole Faith, which he obviously had to do in order to have sex with men the way he does.

In hindsight, when the Faith is taught in such a lightweight way, it brings on nausea and becomes easy to throw off.

It's in a bad state in NZ, there's no denying that.

Andrei said...

In hindsight, when the Faith is taught in such a lightweight way, it brings on nausea and becomes easy to throw off.

That's why the Mass in Latin is a good idea and guitars are a bad one - it separates worship from the banalities of the world - and it becomes timeless connecting you to those who have gone on before as well as those yet to come.

Lucia Maria said...

Yes. I do remember when the guitars gradually swapped over from the organ and the nuns were singing Kumbaya at Mass. My Dad must have stopped going around that time, though he did still take us to the occasional Latin Mass in the city or Polish Masses, which were far more traditional.

Actually, the other big problem with RE back then is they didn't teach us apologetics. It apparently used to be taught in the distant past. So, we had no way of understanding what we believed in comparison to the secular culture. Nor was any religious history taught, so the culture could say anything about our history and we'd have no way of knowing if it were true or not.

All I can say in this respect now, is thank God for the Internet!

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