Friday, December 2, 2011

Andrei Some great quotes

You are going to love this
New Zealand's "cashie culture" is corrupt and irresponsible and forcing cuts to vital state spending,

Former Fair Go presenter Kevin Milne

Yes we just might have to dispense with the vital work the Department of Women's affairs does, for example.
People who offered cash jobs seemed to have a mentality of "keeping the Government out of it".

"It's them saying, `Let's stop them from getting their hands on our money'. Well, it's just so stupid – it's not their money, it's the country's money. I think it's corrupt, I think it's irresponsible."

Former Fair Go presenter Kevin Milne

It's the countries money? To spend as they see fit? Really?

Agreed everyone should contribute to the running of this country but there is a heck of a lot of tosh that the urban middle class might hold dear but expect the working man to fund.

And let's get real here Politicians have not set very good examples when it comes to getting their cut of the countries collective wealth in recent times - now have they.

Do I need to provide examples?

From here: Cash jobs 'forcing cuts in state spend'

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Anonymous said...

There seems to be a collective grasp for OPM (others people's money) as can be seen by OWS, POTUS Obama's and democrats calling for a tax increase for the "millionares and billionares", and the liberal left in general.
It seems that a good work ethic, self-reliance (aversion to the dole) and a desire to do well for one's self have all become undesirable personality traits. Who knew?
I've been reading several blogs, by liberal greens, that are taking on the tone of collectivism.
This is a theme that is sure to continue and increase.

KG said...

Great post. My jaw dropped when I read those comments by the collectivist idiot Milne, too.
Link to this posted over at CR.

Libertyscott said...

Everything is everyone's, your life is everyone's life, you exist to contribute to the public good. Unless you are a cog in the great socialist wheel you are nothing.

When the "country" does the thinking and effort I put into making money, the "country" can get paid for it.

He actually highlights the core philosophical difference between state worshippers who believe we all "belong" to the great collective, and those of us we are individuals who make our own choices.

Muerk said...

The cash job/no tax attitude is all well and good provided the people who don't pay their legally required tax also don't use the services that tax pays for.

I hope they don't send their kids to public schools, or have an accident that requires a public hospital, I hope they drive on privately maintained roads and if they become a victim of crime I hope they pay for their own private detectives to find the culprit, etc. etc.

The money you earn is yours, but you have a legal and moral responsibility to pay tax given tax payers here are using the services that tax pays for. Also it's not as though NZs tax system is corrupt or oppressive as in contrast to kings of old who taxed the population into starvation with tax collectors who skimmed the money.

As well as that tax payers in NZ have representation via democracy. If people want the tax system restructured you can work for that via the political system.

JJ said...

The state could stop funding the slaughter of children in abortion clinics, that would save a few bucks. And as a side benefit we would not need so much immigration. But it seems we have decided to abolish ourselves.

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