Saturday, December 10, 2011

Andrei Fiddling while Rome Burns

As the financial catastrophe that threatens to lead the whole world into depression and quite possibly engulf it in war comes ever closer the elites of Europe continue on their merry way

The item that caugtht my eye
22. Calls on the Commission and Council to ensure access to high-quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, information and supplies; takes the view that this should cover, inter alia, confidential and voluntary counselling, testing and treatment for HIV and all sexually transmitted infections; prevention of unintended pregnancies; equitable and affordable access to contraceptives, including access to emergency contraception; safe and legal abortion, including post-abortion care; and care and treatment to prevent vertical transmission of HIV, including to partners and children;
Just how killing the unborn will prevent transmission of AIDS a rare disease primarily found in homosexual males will lower its incidence remains a mystery.

Is child sacrifice now part of the armory of modern European medicine?

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maxx said...

Fairly obvious really, if you're dead you won't be getting AIDS, it's a great preventative measure for the common cold as well.

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