Saturday, December 24, 2011

Andrei Christmas Eve fare - : Number of Christians in UK is down 10% in just five years

I don't particularly like this time of year to be frank - the whole thing seems both bogus and saccharine - it's way off skew.

Christmas is a Christian feast - but its hard to see it among the other dross that this time of year throws up.

Anyway the Daily Mail on the sorry state of English Christianity and it might be worse here.

Last night on TV One they showed a "Vicar of Dibley" Christmas special. Never seen that show before but if that is an accurate portrayal of Church of England clergyperson - well is it any wonder nobody goes to Church there anymore.

A female vicar fantasying about being a lesbian and lesbian sex served up as Christmas fare? Sheer genius and very seasonal, I'm sure you will agree.

No wonder people don't bother with Church anymore - the BBC has pooped all over Christmas by making this and TV One has by showing it.

Cultural barbarians

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