Friday, December 2, 2011

Andrei Upper middle class twit indulges in hand wringing

Green MP Gareth Hughes is getting into a flap over the low voter turnout last Saturday.
Parliament's justice and electoral select committee holds an inquiry after every election. Green MP Gareth Hughes says it should look at ways to reverse the declining turnout.

"The low voter turnout continues a declining trend in New Zealand, which has seen every election since 2002 make a new historic low,'' he said.

He has written to all party leaders asking for support to expand the terms of reference of the inquiry. He said only ''minor changes'' have come out of the last three elections.

Now he believes the committee should canvas the opinions of experts, academics and the general public to enhance participation.
He should look in the mirror - sure he'd love to think his salary and perks come from the fact we all think the sun shines out of his nether regions.

You know what this silly little man's greatest accomplishment in life thus far is? He dressed up as Ronald McDonald and chained himself to the gates of their distribution center and got arrested for it.

And this man believes that New Zealand's dairy herd is melting the North Pole or something - a proposition so absurd as to be laughable.

But the absurdity doesn't end there, oh no, he believes that taxing dairy farmers according to some arcane formula dreamed up by his beloved academics will stop the North Pole melting (not that it is melting of course).

Well people are probably not motivated to vote because they cannot rid themselves of born to rule, over educated, upper middle class, out of touch with reality, children of privilege that dominate the hallowed halls of power who are busy frittering away the gains made by preceding generations of New Zealanders.

We need people of substance, style and vision and we get people like Mr Hughes.

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Jeremy Harris said...

This is may take:

KG said...

"..who are busy frittering away the gains made by preceding generations of New Zealanders."
Ain't that the truth!

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