Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Andrei When it is good to have a dog that bites

Dog bites woman's attacker
A woman who was stabbed at a Lower Hutt school believes her attacker has wounds from a dog bite, police say.

The woman was walking through the school's grounds about 9.30pm on Monday when a man confronted her asking for money, said Detective Sergeant Nina Pedersen.

When she refused he attacked her with a knife, stabbing her in the upper arm.

The woman's dog then bit the man, before he fled.

The incident could have been a lot more serious had the woman not had the dog with her, Pedersen said.

The woman was taken to Hutt Hospital with a cut to her arm which needed stitches.
Hopefully there will be no calls for the dog's destruction though in this day and age anything is possible.

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