Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fletch Conservative Journalist Leaves Herald

Well, it had to happen sooner or later: Garth George is leaving the NZ Herald. His last column is today, and he says-
The editors decided back in October that this column does not fit in with their future plans for the opinion pages. And while I shall miss penning my weekly opinions, and have to adapt to a painful drop in income, I hold no rancour.
One can only wonder who the Herald intends in their "future plans" for opinion columnists. Perhaps someone like Pam Corkery or her ilk?
It will be sad to see George go. He is a conservative and a Catholic, and as such perhaps didn't fit in with the liberal opinions and tastes of those who helm the Herald. I didn't always agree with everything he wrote, but I did so more often than not.

He will continue to write his columns for in the Bay of Plenty Times in Tauranga, and the Daily Post in Roturua.

It's interesting to read that he is actually a Member of the New Zealand order of Merit (see photo above)

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ZenTiger said...

Clearly, it is important to have a wide range of differing opinions in the approved narrow band the Herald requires of its writers.

Redbaiter said...

I don't think he "left" voluntarily.


I didn't always agree with his opinions but Garth made a refreshing change from the other viewpoints we tend to see in the papers.
I will miss him.

Lucia Maria said...

I didn't realise Garth George was Catholic! No wonder I agreed with him on the few columns that I read.

I.M Fletcher said...

Yup, he talks about his Catholicity (although he was brought up Methodist), in a column HERE

Betty Blue said...

I will miss him too.
Knew the Herald would can him sooner or later, too old school (and very good!) for their socialistic, left-wing, humanist rag.


Don't forget to email the NZ Herald to say how much you will miss Garth George.
I am sure the editor will appreciate your comments.

Billy Goat said...

His narrow minded ignorance will not be missed. But although I seldom agreed with his views it is important to have a contrasting position to highlight all sides of a question

ZenTiger said...

Got it in one, Sir Goat.

Anonymous said...

The NZ Herald is privately owned and may make whatever editorial decisions it deems in its best interests. Yet if you read Russell's blog you'd see him screaming to overturn private property rights and force the Herald to publish what he wants to read,

Billy and Zen, not every question ahs two sides. Some have far too many to count, others are quite simply a case of truth or lie.

Those who wish to continue to read Garth George will still be able to do so. Those who wish to read mark Steyn can still do so.

Those who don't think either get enough space are free to start their own newspaper.

ZenTiger said...

Never said they didn't LRO. Just commenting on their action, because I'm free to do so.

The "two sides" thing is just a saying.

BTW - I have started a newspaper. It's this blog.

I.M Fletcher said...

LRO, that's easy for those who have internet. My elderly parents who are in their 70s only use the traditional media of TV, radio, and newspaper. The Left has pretty much taken over the old media, including Hollywood.

Most friends of my folks have stopped subscribing to the Herald years ago. My folks are thinking they might stop as well. My mom only gets it for the crossword these days, and maybe the odd travel section.

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