Sunday, December 18, 2011

Andrei What a surprise - The Government does not a very good husband make

Marriage as a social structure came into being to ensure that a women with children would be cared for and the best way of achieving that was to have the father of her children take a stake in their upbringing and to provide for their needs. Of course for a man his place in this arrangement provides a huge motivator to succeed and so as to provide.

It really works - the most prosperous, successful and peaceful societies ever seen have all placed monogamous family relationships front and center.

For some reason progressives have spent the last forty years undermining this family structure, even holding it in contempt.

And the result is a plethora of solo mothers who are not exactly the happiest of campers: Single parents need help or life's 'a hole'

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Reggie said...

This is a new one . .

Andrei said...

Why does anybody take any notice of vapid celebrities? I wonder Reggie.

In time their glitz fades and they slip into back into non entityness.

Sometimes with nothing

Reggie said...

The bottom half of the article talked about a Christchurch based "triple" marriage - two wives one husband . . I reckon that's where we're heading next. The intelligentsia have probably already deemed it so.

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