Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Andrei Manning up

There has been some crows of delight across the blogosphere that an eighteen year old boy from Milton is to have his car crushed - this is deemed good thing - the march of progress.

But I cringe - "boy racers", a term of derision, are a pain in the you know where, that I'll I agree to some extent but then a lot of people I happen share the planet with also fit that category.

The thing is what does 21st century New Zealand have to offer an eighteen year old boy from Milton? Chances are this fellows father was driven from his home and possibly out of his life altogether years ago.

His only responsibility for his son financial and that collected through the IRD and then at a level which probably kept his Dad in poverty.

And lets face it the triumph of Feminism is not that 2/3 of those lawyers admitted to the bar are female but that New Zealand has produced a nation of sluts - which pleases DPF to some extent.

So even if he aspired to marriage and raising a family it is a big ask for a New Zealand male to find a women worth raising a family with, who wants to marry a women that has expletive deleted all his mates. In any case chances are if he did take the risk and hook up with a modern New Zealand miss he be out in a few years with all the liabilities but none of the joys of fatherhood.

Another triumph of feminism is the capture of education whereby any boy who has a molecule of testosterone and displays it is deemed have ADHD and spends his schools days medicated, hey ho so it goes.

And we are so wrapped in cotton wool that young men at an age where they should be raising families are playing video games or the more adventurous engaged in drift triking - moronic beyond belief, but an outlet for males cotton wooled to near oblivion and an activity that gets the tut tutters tut tutting.

See for a boy from Milton there is diddly on offer except to have his balls and spirit broken by bossy britches harridans and that does not bode well for the future for anyone.

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Redbaiter said...

Well said Andrei.

I too feel distinctly uneasy about the crushing of this boy's car.

Some very old Toyota Corolla or some such.

It strikes me as a bit of nastiness, rather than justice.

And aren't there so many other serious concerns in law breaking in NZ anyway?

When are we going to get equally as tough with the real criminals?

KG said...

Great post, Andrei!
"It strikes me as a bit of nastiness, rather than justice."
Yes indeed--nastiness and a bit of cheap politicking.

ZenTiger said...

Where will it end? I theorized a bit more way back in 2009.

I'm a patient man.

Boy Racers

scrubone said...

I'm sorry, but are you nuts?

If a boy wants to pickup up a .22 and go shoot some noxious pests, (and by pests I mean rabbits and possums, not feminists)I can tell you in Milton that's dead easy. Can't do that in Auckland.

Heck, half the guys there would hate to live in Auckland because most of their favorite activities wouldn't be possible.

There's also plenty of chances of doing stupid things with a motor vehicle around Milton - *off* the public roads. This idiot is in trouble because he chose to do stupid things in public places, endangering other people. He's only got himself to blame.

ZenTiger said...

Not the crime, just the punishment.

If only we took assault and armed robbery as seriously.

This is more akin to chopping the hand off after being caught shoplifting three times.

Yet some-one who paid for someone to be beaten up (and that person died) only got 9 months in jail.

How about 9 months in jail, and their car crushed for arranging a murder?

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