Monday, December 26, 2011

Andrei At eighty-five Her Majesty can still hit it out of the park

Our liberal elites are not that fussed on either tradition or God - there is plenty of both in this. Whether or not this was played on TV last night I wouldn't know but it doesn't seem to be getting much attention in the local media this morning.

And it is really good, worth giving up 7 minutes of your time for.

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Redbaiter said...

Can't say I entirely agree with your views on the British Queen Andrei.

During her reign the UK has been conquered from within, as never before in history, and she still doesn't get what's going on.

More steel required I'm sorry.

Andrei said...

Red, Great Britain is great no more - we all know that - it is a degraded and impoverished culture maintaining itself for now by squandering the treasures previous generations have built through blood sweat and tears.

That speech though is totally politically incorrect while going to the heart of several matters Family being one and this
Although we are capable of great acts of kindness, history teaches us that we sometimes need saving from ourselves - from our recklessness or our greed.

God sent into the world a unique person - neither a philosopher nor a general, important though they are, but a Saviour, with the power to forgive.

Forgiveness lies at the heart of the Christian faith. It can heal broken families, it can restore friendships and it can reconcile divided communities. It is in forgiveness that we feel the power of God's love.

In the last verse of this beautiful carol, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, there's a prayer:

O Holy Child of Bethlehem,

Descend to us we pray.

Cast out our sin

And enter in.

Be born in us today.

It is my prayer that on this Christmas day we might all find room in our lives for the message of the angels and for the love of God through Christ our Lord.

Gently said but that would totally spin out the secular progressives

Redbaiter said...

Yes, true in some aspects Andrei, but I thought her inferences to family went a little too far in that she attempted to include "communities" in that category while the background video played the requisite images of the "goodness" of multi-culturalism and diversity.

Watch it again.

Tell me I'm paranoid. :)

KG said...

You're not--her advisors and speech writers have bought into the whole multiculti thing.

KG said...

I regard the British monarchy as one of the finest examples of cowardice and supine acceptance of defeat ever to exist.
What the hell are they for, if not to stand up for what they supposedly represent?
If for the tourist dollar then they may as well be shot, stuffed and wired for sound--nobody would notice the difference and it'd be much cheaper besides.

Lucia Maria said...

To be fair, though, KG, the last real King of England (who stood up to certain interests) was executed, and then the law of succession was implemented to remove his whole family from the succession if they didn't renounce their religion.

QEII is most likely very aware of the history of her country and how precarious her position and her family's could become.

And really, she's just a figurehead who can subtly suggest, but has no real power any more.

KG said...

Fair enough, Lucia Maria. But it's frustrating when you think that she may be the last great rallying point the Brits have left to them.
She's just a figurehead as long as she accepts that.If she spoke out forcefully and plainly about what's happening to the country it may just light a spark which would at least provoke some real debate and change. As it is she gives the appearance of tacitly approving what's being done.

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