Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Andrei Please Mr - can we have our drone back

The kids next door are nice kids - I hear them playing sometimes, the sweet music of happy children playing in their yard.

In recent days, the oldest a girl about 12 years old has been sitting on their deck tootling out Christmas carols on her recorder - while aesthetically not the most pleasing it has a charm of its own - never the less.

Any way not long after they moved next door there was a knock on my door - "please Mr we were playing with our ball and it has gone into your yard - can we get it back".

I smiled and told them if it happens again to feel free to just come and get it and not to worry about it.

But I'm not so sure the Iranians are going to be so sanguine about stray American drones.
President Obama said on Monday that the United States had asked Iran to return an American surveillance drone that the Iranians say they captured on Dec. 4. It was Mr. Obama’s first public comment about the remote controlled aircraft, which has elevated American tensions with Iran.

We have asked for it back — we’ll see how the Iranians respond,” Mr. Obama said of the vehicle in a short question-and-answer session with reporters at the White House.
Source: Obama Says U.S. Has Asked Iran to Return Drone

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Kathleen Blake said...

It was also told Obama said Iran could keep the drone. This was before he said he asked for it back.

Marian said...

Maybe the Iranian's can make sure China can get to mass produce a cheap copy of this Stealth drone. Then we can all own one.

Would be ideal in my neighbourhood to keep an eye on all the A'holes trying to break into peoples houses. Throw in a few air to ground stealth missiles in with the package then we're talking. :-)

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