Monday, December 19, 2011

Andrei Women wonderful, men mean

More rubbish from the herald: 'Why are men so mean?' Christmas grinches revealed.

This is true because a charity collector told the herald it's so - and it's backed up by a psychologist from South Auckland.

Is the Herald good for anything? - I can get two rolls of toilet paper for the price of one copy of the Herald and it is lot softer besides.

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dad4justice said...

Did "the psychologist from South Auckland" get a weetbix degree at that deranged homosexual dorkland university where they teach rampant unlawful gender discrimination?
The demonization of REAL man has too stop NOW!

scrubone said...

Other charities told the Herald they had not noticed any difference in the amounts men and women gave.

As usual, balance hidden way down the page.

But before that they take one person's view and treat it as gospel.

She sounds a bit nasty to me frankly.

Lucia Maria said...

More promotion of war between the sexes.

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