Friday, December 9, 2011

Andrei This might be a bullet dodged

The current President of Serbia, Boris Tadic, is a fan of Serbia becoming a fully fledged member of the EU.

Not all his compatriots are so sure that this is a good move - it might well see him removed via the ballot box next year.
EU leaders may postpone a decision on whether Serbia can become an official candidate for membership until their next summit in the spring, diplomats said Thursday.

The European Commission has recommended granting Serbia candidate status. But Germany is opposed, saying recent clashes at Kosovo’s border between Serb nationalists and NATO troops showed that Serbia still wasn’t ready.
I suspect that Serbs in general are not a good fit with today's EU zeitgeist.1

And I suspect there are many Italians, Greeks along with others, who in days to come will come to envy the Serbs good fortune in not sharing in their catastrophe.

Source: Diplomats: EU may postpone decision on Serbia’s candidacy

(1) This is was an exercise imposed upon the Serbia by Brussels and who complied to show what good Europeans they really are but one that they have declined to repeat

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