Friday, November 16, 2007

ZenTiger Big Bikkies

It's Big Bikkies to run a factory. So Griffins are tossing their cookies and closing down the Lower Hutt factory and consolidating in the face of increasing competition from overseas. Another 228 jobs lost. I reckon it's all National's fault, right Helen?

Related Link: Griffins have Ginger Nuts that are now past the use by date.

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Anonymous said...

Who's else's fault would it be? If National wasn't the most popular party, with the largest membership and the richest donors, just imagine what Helen could have done to save these poor pheasants.

I can see the statue now, Kim Jong Ill style.

ZenTiger said...

True to form, my link to the main stream media was light on facts. Another article I have since read also discussed another factor being the cost of renovating an aging factory.

It is hard to know (from facts presented) what impact the Council and RMA also had in making it too hard or costly to update the factory rather than pull the plug.

However, I came across this same story at FrogBlog by one of the commenters. He helpfully adds:

While on the subject of business unfriendliness, one business I know is moving to Australia simply because, in order to expand his factory to meet export orders, it requires two years and $40,000 to attempt to gain council consent for the expansion. With no guarantee that the consent will be given.

[by Gerrit]

Nick C said...

Yes, very interesting discussion that. The Left was asserting that we need more workers rights and a higher minimum wage, and interpereting any comment which said otherwise to mean that the person wanted to get rid of workers rights and the minimum wage. Then Sam B came along and managed to fit into the above description.

Greg said...

Griffins/Arnotts make crap biscuits.

There, I said it.
Their Gingernut, Krispie, Choc Chip, and uberWine recipes have changed significantly over the last 10 years. For the worse. Gingernuts and ChocChip in particular are inedible.

That said though, it's not as if people don't love crap food. They buy twinkies and store gucamole afterall.!!
No data on their sales or the export weighting of their revenues is given, which is where the true tale lies.

Bloody sad news though. Who needs manufacturing when we can all be property developers and baristas eh??

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