Monday, November 12, 2007

ZenTiger Democracy under attack

The interests of any healthy democracy lie in unrestricted debate, not laws that favour incumbents with public finance and suppression of free speech.

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NZ Labour tried to push through a very draconian Electoral Finance Bill. They've also tried to change the rules on spending public money (to their own advantage of course). They've pushed through legislation which validated illegal spending and negated a pending high court case against them. They thought they could get away with it.

Maybe they can. That wont make it right. And more people are noticing. That wont make it easy. It's time to stand up. Politicians are there to serve us, not control us. If they have any problem understanding the principles of democracy, then they need only read the submissions against the EFB with an open mind.

I trust this latest article wakes them up and they do the right thing.

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KG said...

Would you believe some braindead oaf in the Heral comments section attacks the Herald for being a right-wing mouthpiece and..suggests they cover issues about democracy!
Jaw-droppingly stupid hardly describes it.

MathewK said...

With people like that, no wonder they think they can get with it KG.

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