Thursday, November 1, 2007

ZenTiger Come see the violence inherent in the system

With the recent case of a mother being interviewed by the Police after being dobbed in for smacking her son's hand, we've seen many quotes from people who should know better, who insist in equating violence and abuse with discipline.

A smack on the hand, delivered as discipline is not the same as punching someone in anger.

A whack on the soccer field, as an accidental byproduct of an enthusiastic tackle doesn't get the thought police screaming "come see the violence inherent in the system - ban soccer."

Oh hang on, maybe that's next?

Vaguely Related Links: Not PC sends John Key to his room over this: Goodnight John Boy and of course, Lucyna points out [link] how more parents will fall into the state net, as more reasons are provided to for the state, via taking DNA records, to "keep tabs" on its citizens, and John Key again takes some flak. When so many people are unhappy with Labour, what does it take for Mr Key to understand that the public is looking for some-one to stand up to their destructive policies - not seek consensus. John, you are our best chance at the moment, don't make that a depressing thought for us.

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I.M Fletcher said...

Hitting or striking someone does not always equate with violence.

What about the doctor who must strike a patient in the chest to get his heart going again?

What about a lifeguard who goes out to a panicked swimmer in trouble and must strike and subdue him lest both be taken down?

Some might even equate whipping on a horse to victory in the Melbourne Cup as violence or hitting a dog with a rolled up newspaper to train him to go toilet outside.

I am sure these same people would rather that we had no pain or suffering at all throughout life but that is not the way life works.

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