Thursday, November 1, 2007

Lucia NZ Politics - a choice between dumb and dumber

Announcing the party's new law and order policy, leader John Key says National wants DNA samples taken from everyone arrested for any crime that carries a possible prison sentence.
I can see it now. Mum gets arrested for smacking child's hand. Then she has her DNA taken at the police station because if convicted, Mum would face a prison term. But then investigations are made and everyone decides that maybe the smack on the hand wasn't so bad afterall. But, Mum's DNA is now onfile so that whenever there is another smacking incident anywhere in the country, the police can track the culprit down!


How's that for evil genius. Let's not forget, John Key voted to make smacking illegal in this country. And then said if anyone was prosecuted under the new law, of course National would repeal it. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Strange, how the National Party has been silent on the recent terrorisation of a NZ family because of the new anti-smacking laws.

Here's an idea. How about the National Party come out and say that as part of their new law and order policy, they will repeal the repeal of S59, thus freeing up police resources so that the cops can go after all those that steal, rape and murder in our community??? They might even catch a few criminals that way. And, Theodore Darymple's idea of not letting repeat offenders out of prison until they turn 40, when men tend to mature, might also help quite a lot!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Lucyna, Key has been VERY silent on this lately. But I am concerned about something else as well.

According to Dalrymple, I have to "mature" next year!!

Thats FAR too soon!

Lucia Maria said...

MrTips, it had to happen sooner or later. May as well just resign yourself to the inevitable!

Anonymous said...

JK and National are soooo 2 faced, they may aswell join the Labour Party and be done with it. Considering all the backtracking they do! Afterall he thought he was Labour when he addressed the National Party recently. LOL

Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance but I can't tell from this post if you are in favour of the DNA databank or not. Could you clarify please?

ZenTiger said...

There was a recent front page article in the paper saying 'every crime solvable' with DNA sampling.

So what happens when your DNA is found on a partner simply because you spend time together, and some investigator decides that makes you guilty?

How sophisticated will criminals become at planting 'evidence'?

DNA can only indicate a relationship or interaction was present in some way. There will be many cases where it is meaningless as an indicator of guilt or innocence.

Lucia Maria said...

Robinsod, I against the DNA database.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you dont like National/Joh key, then you can always vote for a labour/Green ticket? HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Lucyna, the DNA is destroyed if you are not convicted. It can't remain on the database. The same with fingerprints now.

The Nats are becoming very populist and are only gobbling up centre right votes without taking if off the centre. They can't win a MMP election like that.


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