Monday, November 19, 2007

Lucia Thank you Californication and TV3

I would like to thank TV3 for putting Californication on TV. While I would never have watched it (as my limit seems to have been Boston Legal) nonetheless I'm sure it wouldn't have ended there. I bet Californication is just the beginning of the next slide downwards to which all of TV programming is being sucked - even if at a milder level. Even the TV ads are bad.

Thus, I have finally been given the impetus I needed to save $600 + a year and have cancelled my SKY TV subscription, which I needed to access free-to-air TV as well.

Good by TV connection, I won't miss you.

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KG said...

We simply no longer watch television, Lucyna. Haven't for a year or more because it's a total waste of time. I'd rather get news from the net and read books.

MathewK said...

$600 a year, i'm surprised you lasted that long. Good riddance to caliwhatever, i watched it once or twice, cheap school toilet humor really. Trashing Christians and no one else off course, you need real balls to take on that religion of, you know, "Peace".

Anonymous said...

Lucyna, you will not miss it.--Except perhaps at rugby time. I gave my sets the 'deep six' in 2000. Since then I have not regretted their lack of imbecilic input into my life in the slightest.

A sailor's farewell--'goodbye and stuff all who live round that port'

Barnsley Bill said...

Lucyna, I am astonished that you do not trust yourself to resist watching this programme.
I always thought somebody with such deeply held beliefs and convictions would not be susceptible to impulse control issues.
Using your rationale do we need to prepare ourselves for you deleting this blog and getting rid of your computer as well, after all there is much worse content to be found on the interweb thingy than fox mulder!
Gentleman, this is what happens when you let the women in your life any where near the remote control.
Just change the channel Lucyna (or ask your man to do it).

A. J. Chesswas said...

i believe there is a strong negative correlation between owning a tv and possessing critical thought... It's obvious if you think about it...

Greg said...

I have digital and am suprised, nay astonished, you even watch TVNZ/TV3!

The food/living/history/discovery channels are enough to keep me away from the terrors of NZ infotainment hell.

Having said all that there are three other competitors for my leisured media intake:
1. gaming (BF2, COD4).
2. facebook and internet surfing.
damn there are just so many books to read...
TVNZ/TV3 just can't compete in my mind.

Californication is a standard modern soap. Seriously, does its moral pitch differ greatly from Shortland St, OC, NipTuck, or THE GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME a.k.a. "The Sopranos" (think I've seen only 2 episodes).

Anonymous said...

You will save much more than $600 - assuming you had been exposed to television advertising.

Lucia Maria said...

BB, it's not that I don't trust myself. I haven't watched a TV programme for months, now. We only used the SKY TV connection for once a week Cartoon Network for the kids (and then they only wanted to watch 2 programmes) and the occasional pay movie. It wasn't until Californication came along that I really started to think about what a waste of money the TV connection was, given that we hardly watched it anyway.

Greg said...

speaking of adverstising how BRAINDEAD is

hope the founders make money off it but you'd have to be a moron to watch ads for a few 'mint$$'.
use the $600+ saved to buy a few cartoon DVDs for the kids instead.

Greg said...

chili peppers are sueing studio over the use of their platinum album's title for this tv show.

Anonymous said...

Shock horror! Person decides TV program not to their taste and turns market in action.

Well done.

Now someone teach those family first idiots to do the same and to leave the rest of us alone to view as we choose ....

Thats all

Thank you.

ZenTiger said...

Can't you order the program to be delivered on DVD in unmarked brown paper bags like all the other immoral people who embrace the market via DHL?

Getting it broadcast on free to air is just pure laziness on your part and diminishes the chances of me getting to exercise MY freedom to watch Black Adder reruns.

You Libertarians are just selfish.

Anonymous said...

Can't you order the program to be delivered on DVD in unmarked brown paper bags
LOL, nice one, Zen Tiger!

Lucyna, good for you. Like KG, I don't watch TV either. And I don't miss one minute of its superficial canned laughter and image machines.

I hope Californication gets burned by RHCPs and that it implodes like the loser, amoral, vacuous garbage that it is.

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