Sunday, November 4, 2007

ZenTiger Shame on Labour

..cries of “shame” met Labour party members as they entered the annual Labour conference earlier today as protesters gathered outside. Over a hundred people turned up outside the Bruce Mason center in Takapua to show Helen Clark and other Labour party members their anger at new anti-terror legislation.
So Helen offers tax cuts. Love her work.

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Naturally, she would have offered tax cuts earlier, but...Prime Minister Helen Clark is blaming Treasury for her refusal up till now to agree to tax cuts.

She claims she has not been able to agree to cuts because of inadequate fiscal forecasts from Treasury.
- Clark blames Treasury

Those treasury folk sound rather seditious dontya think? Maybe they can be charged under the terrorist act? Although I think that makes Cullen a Treasury spy planted in NZ Labour. You get the cake and guillotine, I'll find some ladies who can knit.

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Barnsley Bill said...

The irony, they will morph into national to retain power. We will get ourselves a Tory govt next year, it may have the Beast as PM but they will still be Tory's

MathewK said...

Is that like the first tax cut you folks are getting?

KG said...

yup. IF Kiwis get it, and not some ersatz Labour version in the form of "tax credits or whatever.

Nick C said...

Hold on, isnt this the same treasury who realised a report just after the 2005 election stating that tax cuts were affordable? Or do we have two treasuries?

MathewK said...

I guess taxcuts 'being affordable' and actually getting one are totally unrelated.

Well, that's leftists for you, like thieves really, once they have your money, getting it back is harder than pulling teeth with chopsticks.

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