Saturday, November 10, 2007

ZenTiger What are schools doing?

[Satire Alert]
Imagine my shock when I heard teachers discussing certain issues with some students who were robbing local stores, and they did not want parents to know...Seems that they recognise that young people find it hard to control their impulses, and if they were going to steal from the local store they should give in to the inevitable and just ensure they were not caught.

Thus they had issued balaclavas, leather gloves, a hunting knife and a machete. They explained to the young adults in question that using the ski mask considerably reduced the chance of being recognised. It seemed that a threat of violence also improved chances of the person being robbed becoming afraid and more likely to comply, and often likely not to clearly remember the details.

Furthermore, they reassured the students that on top of very few of them ever getting caught, those that did get caught were often let off with a warning. Some did get prosecuted, and were given community service which they didn't need to turn up for. Or the parents would be fined. If the parents threatened to belt them, the teachers made it clear that it was against the law - and that is one law you can count on being enforced.

If only our young adults could be responsible for their behaviour, there may have been another option, but the way it was explained, I'm almost ready to pay for the next ski mask. Surely, it is beyond the possibility of human nature that under 16 year olds can be taught not to steal?

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MathewK said...

To leftists, it's not possible Zen, give them enough time and just about everything becomes too hard for them.

Anonymous said...

If that's the case.

No wonder we've had an explosion of before and after school crime.

Substantial increases in shoplifting, street robberies and street fights committed by Intermediate and High School pupils in parts of Auckland recently.

Any teacher giving that kind of advice to students should be hadup on aiding and abetting charges!

ZenTiger said...

As you say, Anon - if that's the case. Stranger things have happened but I deliberately spun a story with plans to link to something completely different, but related. The satire tag at the bottom of the post gets me off the hook, but this post is a little more obscure than most, if one is a casual visitor. I'll attempt to redeem myself by adding the [Satire Alert] tag at th e top of the post.

I'll explain shortly to those that have not yet caught on.

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