Friday, November 23, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!
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Sb said...

Hi Lucyna, thought of you the other day when I learnt that the Sun newspaper in the UK is trialing a Polish edition of their daily paper.

I had heard that a lot of Poles were now working in the UK but that came as a surprise!

Another surprise was that it was the Sun that was doing it, 10 years ago the Sun would have been calling for all poles to be shot at the boarders not producing an edition for them! Times are clearly changing.

I wonder what the Polish page 3 looks like lol!


Lucia Maria said...

Hi Sb,

Things have certainly changed over there! When my Dad was in Britain post WW2, they had signs up in shop windows saying "Poles, come home!" Not that they could go home then, not like now.

Sb said...

The thing that has changed is that Poles no longer need a work visa.

Apparently they fly in Sunday night on the cheap airlines. Work the week out of some small cupboard of a flat shared with 20 others and then fly-back on a Friday night and in the process even after costs make more money in that week than they would make in a month in Poland.

They seem to be represented in all forms of work, for some reason the "polish plumber" is now a UK Icon?

Having looked at certain London web sites I have to say Polish women look damn good to, certainly better then the plumber I bet!


ZenTiger said...

Evening all. Running at about 60% - managed to get some kind of bug. Better be the 24 hour variety or I'll go out and buy an electron microscope, pump my blood through it and give it the UV treatment.

ZenTiger said...

Sb, you'd be thinking of the Polish Nurse?

Polish Plumber and Polish Nurse

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Evening All. Trust you are all well. (notwithstanding the 40% bug)

Big ups for Little Johnny tomorrow.


Greetings from Queenstown everyone.
I'd be going to the forde bar in Anzac Av tomorrow for the election party if i was in Auckland.
Yes, it will be fingers crossed for Little Johnnie.
I s hould make bloggers drinks on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Evening all. Fairfacts, you're just down the gully and over the ridge. Rain started there yet?

KG said...

Evening all. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's elections.
Considering the Coalition are battling the media as well as Labor, the polls showing them neck and neck are surprising.
Whiskey and hot lemon should kill the bug, Zen. :-)

ZenTiger said...

Ah - I knew I forgot something. I was out of lemon anyway...

Yes, good luck to the Libs. From what I've seen, Labor supporters are beyond cocky, but I still think it could either way.

ZenTiger said... could go> either way.

Anonymous said...

Zen, try a good 1/2 tumbler of rum mixed with 50/50 boiling water and honey. If that desn't float your boat in towards the rocks of bliss then at least you'll sleep instead of being awake and miserable

Oswald Bastable said...

boiling water

Drink Whiskey, sneer at the rest.

ZenTiger said...

I'll try all three. If I don't report back, it worked.

KG said...

Uh oh.....I hope you have medical malpractice insurance Oswald...
Gearing up for a massive "stop smoking" effort here. I suspect the posts in Crusader Wabbit are going to get a little..irritable.


Evening George

Didn't know we had any locals down here.
I'm staying by the lake on frankton Road.
It's grey but haven't seen any rain yet.
The local forecast is 25 and sun tomorrow.
Back to the Oz elections, TV1 news seem almost gloating that Howard is looking fragile.

Rick said...

Queenstown eh FF?

I just hitched home from Pickton in a BP tanker (proud of this) so I'm back in Canterbury now.

You'll let me know if you get back up here before you go home.

Wednesday's good.

Barnsley Bill said...

Just got home from Rotorua, have not been there for leisure in 15 years. Had dozens of trips for work but simply as a holiday destination it had never entered my mind.... until my recent passport debacle and lady Barnsleys demands for a few days off the manor.
Rotorua... THE REVIEW
Unbelievably tidy town, no litter and very little evidence of restless locals. All the lawns and gardens were immaculate, 3D maze best value for money award.
The luge with a maniacal 6 year old boy sat between my legs was terrifying but we survived.
The overwhelming highlight for me was the ........ wait for it.......
Rhododendrons. Every colour imaginable and all in bloom. We have a 100 x 100 square that we are trying to decide whether to landscape or not. Decision made, I am going to source and plant at least three of every colour I can find and plant them up.
Lets all hope Rudd does not get the chance to ruin everybody's escape plan.


Rotorua has smartened up its act a lot in recent years.
There's even good restaurants too if you look hard.
Queenstown was looking positively lovely this evening before the sun set.
After the 6pm news, I walked 30 minutes or so from my lakeside apartment on Frankton Rd by the lakeside footpath into town.
Down by the beach, past the Boathouse cafe, and towards where the Earnslaw steamer is moored, it was wonderful.
This would be a real Godzone , if we could stop Liarbour from ruining it.

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