Tuesday, November 6, 2007

ZenTiger What ever

Well I never. Milla has named her new baby girl 'Ever'. If that name sticks, I guess it is for ever. Think she'll live happily ever after?

...To welcome Milla's baby daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson, into the world.

Milla and fiance Paul Anderson welcomed their little bundle, who weighed in at 7lb 8oz at the weekend, reports People.

I remember Milla from the immensely enjoyable 'Fifth Element', although others may remember her from 'Resident Evil'. So which movie has inspired this name? True love, or pure evil? You decide. Just never say never.

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Greg said...

she's done well for an model/actress/whatever.
read once that her fave book is 100 years of solitude, which is admirable.

MathewK said...

Another name chosen different for the sake of being different.

Why don't they just call their kids, box or there or chair, heck call em' grass. Makes about as much sense.

ZenTiger said...

Well, statistically, it could have been Mohammed.

Forensic morsels said...

Paul Anderson is allowed to reproduce ? Please say it isn't so

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