Thursday, November 29, 2007

ZenTiger Mallard punches out Helen Clark

Trevor Mallard is in trouble again for punching out Helen Clark.

Dr Cullen has clarified the issue. "This is the most acceptable kind of violence. Mallard was simply defending the Queen's honour."

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Hattip: TBR - Mistress of the text message

Excerpts from above links:
Prime Minister Helen Clark has been accused of insulting the Queen by text messaging while the monarch was making a speech.
Senior Cabinet Minister Trevor Mallard was "defending a woman's integrity" when he thumped National MP Tau Henare but his actions cannot go "unnoticed", Prime Minister Helen Clark says. [No - she later gave him more important portfolios]

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MathewK said...

For a second there i thought he really punched her. Wouldn't that bring a smile to many of the folks struggling under her "care".

ZenTiger said...

Latest news: Mallard doesn't recollect punching Helen, who doesn't recollect using her phone.

Have they not heard of the recall button?

Why say "I don't recollect using the phone" when the call log would let her know what her phone account would tell us?

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