Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ZenTiger Empty Generosity

I attended the Wellington March. There were not a lot of people (100+ I'd guess), but in my office only one other appeared to know anything of the EFB - and they could only see it in terms of stopping the Exclusive Brethren from spending money on brochures.

Apparently, Labour and Green supporters fear that their voter base are easily (mis)lead. They want to be the only ones that can mislead them.

Jeanette spoke. She seemed terrified of allowing other people and groups to voice an opinion. Too much free speech is dangerous - it has to be rationed.

So who decided that $120,000 is a fair cap? Why is that fair, and $60,000 unfair? Why not $300,000? How much TV time does $120K buy - 30 minutes? Why is it not inflation adjusted?

Most importantly - WHY ARE THE PUBLIC NOT GETTING AN OPPORTUNITY TO INPUT INTO THE REVISED VERSION? We don’t have an upper house, we have no special safeguards for the MPS to change the rules that enable them to advantage themselves over any concerted effort to raise awareness of corrupt and unethical law making. Rushing this process in this way IS unethical, given it changes the rules around who can talk. Labour and the Greens only want to let people talk individually, so that the ideas can be squashed and segregated. Empty generosity.

The Greens and Labour have totally failed the people of New Zealand. Again.

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MathewK said...

The left have failed much of the world for decades now, they're just really good at deception. Thanks for stopping by Zen, you're on the approved list now..

ZenTiger said...

I've been far too slack lately, and missed out on a few good reads. I finally got around to bookmarking you on my "Blog Bar" in Firefox. It's the only way I can stay organised (A better use of RSS would be sensible but don't always provide the full experience...)

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