Saturday, November 17, 2007

ZenTiger A common thread

So, to summarise.

A communications manager is sacked from the environment ministry, directly attributable to the fact that she is involved with John Key’s press secretary. A contract role in the same department, in a communication role, is taken by a labour party official.

The head of the SSC expresses concern that the ministry of the environment may be planning to run an information campaign which will be too political, and hence that was a factor in getting rid of Setchell.

At the same time the government passes legislation enabling Govt Depts to produce information campaigns during election year, with a budget of millions of our dollars, while capping the ability of the general public to use our dollars in reply.

If Mugabe was subtle, he’d be Helen Clark.
I think slightlyrighty covers it.

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KG said...

If Helen Clark had testicles, she'd be Robert Mugabe.

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