Friday, November 9, 2007

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

Looks like I'm playing host again tonight. Feel free to drop in and reflect upon the week past. I'm fed, have a nice red in my hand (to mix up two common thoughts: if only one hand types on the blogosphere, does anyone hear it?) and prepared to dig up another joke if no-one speaks up.

And for great wood fired pizza with sound, try Sammy's Woodfired Pizza

Or for Pizza, with Freddy, watch the intro (or choose option 1 if it doesn't play)

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Barnsley Bill said...

Fresh crayfish and chips at Barnsley manor tonight. Another successful week of avoiding meaningful toil whilst playing with my toys has been achieved.
How was everybody's week.

Michael said...

Just read the joke,lmao.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all (quality, not quantity, eh what?)

I had a good week as work goes - worked hard but got some good results. Will now have a relaxing evening. Maybe a movie, maybe a book, maybe a game featuring WMD or GBH.


Roast lamb and veges tonight, plus salad.
So Liarbour are just 5 points behind now.
Too many sheep in NZ?

ZenTiger said...

Then keeping eating those lambs FFM. However, I think it's the mutton that are voting the wolves in, the wool well and truly over their eyes.

Meanwhile, the middle class sheep dogs are fleeced to the tune of 9 billion dollars.

Ewe get what ewe vote for.


The sheeple voting in wolves?
Reminds me of little red riding hood Zen.
I think we know who can play the wolf. Especially when you see that pic of her wearing shades.

But the best sheep, their dogs and their masters might find better and safer pastures where the red wolves can't cause havoc.

Good to see you put PM in his place. But Dear leader is more to blame than the police.

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