Saturday, November 10, 2007

ZenTiger An overly worried Richard

Has Robinsod found some paranoid dicks?

Maybe. But I'm not actually sure what a paranoid dick is.

One that will not leave the safety of its underwear?

One that doesn't have the balls to stand up?

One that thinks there are arseholes out there aiming to get him?

Or is paranoid dick simply hemorrhoid dick's blood brother?

Maybe you can drop in at Keeping Stock and have a think about the sterling advances the Electoral Finance Bill brings to our great democratic nation. Or, if it gets pushed through in spite of the massive, well articulated public opposition as evidenced in the submissions, our once great democratic nation. Or am I being an overly worried Richard?

And speaking of the limp wristed. Peter likes to contribute to the TBR blog. His passion is such that if he spent any more time there, he'd possibly be considered a stalker. So he managed to get the first two posts in about men washing up after holding Richard in the John. Oops, that's baseless name calling. Sorry. I meant men washing their hands after visiting the toilet.

Peter laments: "A pity we don't have specific figures for Christian fundamentalists. They are really good at hand-wringing - may be that skills are transferable to hand-washing."

Well good point Peter. It just gets ones mind racing wondering all the stats we could collect. I think its a pity we don't have specific figures for wankers. They are really good with the wrist action - maybe the skills are transferable to hand washing?

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Barnsley Bill said...

Robinsod is roger nome. same IP address and the real give away was a comment he tried to post on my blog and then a comment he made to me on kiwiblogblog, 6 weeks apart but identical.
These trolls never consider that the people they insult may be in the IT business :)

Anonymous said...

Bill you old psycho - if you really are in IT I wouldn't hire you. Nome lives in Dunedin. I don't. If we've got the same IP address something is very wrong. Unless you by IT you mean you make tincan phones in therapy. Oh and Bill if you've got two pieces of evidence and one is an IP match while the other is a similar comment the sensible one to call the "real give away" is the IP address. You might want to bear that in mind just in case you want to try to pretend to be an IT professional again sometime.

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