Saturday, February 13, 2010

Andrei The $600,000 "sound science" junket

$600,000 is the ball park figure for what was spent sending a delegation of 32 to the Copenhagen farce.

Nick Smith thinks he understands why the taxpayers who funded this expedition might be a little sour.
"It's disappointing for the taxpayer to have expenditure of $600,000 and we didn't make much progress."
The man is so out of touch, the whole climate change scam is unraveling on a daily basis, the supposed "sound science" upon which it is based is anything but. The European Emissions Trading Scheme is riddled with fraud and is costing jobs in the EU.

And while the Government makes noises about "catching up with Australia" Nick Smith is still hell bent on introducing our own Emissions Trading Scheme to further hamstring growth and productivity. An ETS is of course a bullet that Australia has dodged.

He still seems to think the science is sound
Dr Smith says the errors would "inevitably" have an effect on New Zealand's climate change policy, but that the Government would take a cautious approach to any changes made.

"I've had calls from people who want us to abandon or defer the Emissions Trading Scheme," he said. "That's not what the Government is going to do."
The unanswered question is, is this man digging a hole for his political career, ordinary New Zealanders or both?

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Lucia Maria said...

It seems that the reason the National Government is so attached to the ETS is something to do with money, rather than science. The science is just an excuse.

One of TBR's latest posts is somewhat revealing: NZX makes loss as gloss goes from carbon market

I would really, really like to know how much the Government and various NZ companies are relying on the carbon scam to make money, and how much in the poo we are if it all goes belly up. Which it will.

And then they'll come after the bloggers that made it happen. See: Control freaks want web licenses to end bloggers anonymity - be very afraid.

And here in NZ, Whaleoil is providing the perfect reason for the Government to clamp down on bloggers.

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