Friday, February 12, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

Friday again. It's the end of week two of term one.

After a couple of good starts and then stops (due to a birthday party, a cousin staying over and almost no sleep and then a cat gone missing and almost no sleep), I think we are heading into good homeschooling year. I'm almost beginning to think I know what I'm doing!

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Barnsley Bill said...

evening all.
Far North friday weather update.
Stinking farkin hot again. 15 mls of rain today in 15 minutes and then blazing sun which saw another 20 mls of moisture sucked from the desert that used to be my lawn. Net result -5 mls.
Now been dry 3 months and 2 weeks

Lucia Maria said...

Hi BB,

That's a long time without rain. We've had rain down here North of Wellington on and off, with our biggest dry patch in the last few weeks. We even had water restrictions. But rain last night and today has saved the lawns.

Now I just have to try and work out how much longer to leave the 4 apples on my new apple tree that I planted last year.

Shem Banbury said...

Evening all.

How long you been home schooling LM??? after this week teaching I am thinking it coudl be the way to go.

Weather in the BOP. Hot and sticky. Could be another long night. Found myself having a cold shower at 12am last night. CRAZY

Here I Stand said...

Evening all,

40mm in 48hours here in the rural hinterland of Wanganui - now we have 99.5% humidity and the sound of the moisture escaping back into the atmosphere is nearly deafening.

Here I Stand said...

Ozy - it is the only way to go TBH!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Ozy,

Homeschooled my eldest until he was 7, then he went to school for three years, then started up again nearly three years ago.

It's much more intense teaching two boys, who both dislike writing and are four years apart in age.

Last week, a friend of mine asked for help, as she was thinking of homeschooling her college aged boy who found his first year of college too hard - I think I scared her and her husband off. The boy is back at school, in a class for kids who struggle, but want to learn.

Anonymous said...

Evening all from North Otago. I'm enjoying the heat at last (26 degrees today) but we do need rain.

Lucia Maria said...


That sounds bad. I'm so glad the humidity has turned into rain here. Last week was so hot and humid - my heat pump was going full steam ahead over the weekend trying to cool the bedrooms down at night all the way from the kitchen.

Andrei said...

The warmth suits me fine.

Nik and T are settled back at school and the rhythm of the year is establishing itself.

Did you find your cat Lucia?

I thought mine was dying earlier this week but it bounced back and it is its usual obnoxious self.

It brings me presents and leaves them on my pillow, I've told it many times I don't really want dead rats on my pillow but it persists.

Oswald Bastable said...

We have rain and sun hours apart and I have retreated to breeze of the heat pump.

I'm on a deadline to have another book out by the middle of the year, so I'm trying for 500 words a night. I could easily do more, but that is all that time permits!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi HomePaddock and Oswald and Andrei!

Andrei, yes, we found the cat. Or more like, she came home after being missing for an entire night and day and evening. At 2am, I got up to see if she had appeared, thinking that it didn't look good with her not turning up at all during that previous day, and then found her curled up in my youngest boys' arms, both of them fast asleep.

She's now back to her annoying (but sweet) self, too. Must have been trapped somewhere, or something, because the last couple of days she's been unusually close by, not going out for long, and lounging around nearby on top of the fridge, seemingly just to be near.

Steve Walker said...

Hi everyone in NZ, from Perth, Australia. Ozy, we are homeschooling 3 of our 5 and it is going pretty well - definitely worth a try imo:)

Andrei said...

Hi Steve;
Nice you can join us. My little Nadia moved to Perth in January, before that she was in Queensland.

NZ is too small for her, actually Perth will be too I imagine. She is not about to settle down sigh

Here I Stand said...

Welcome Steve,
That was one thing that put me off relocating to Oz - NZ enjoys a very open homeschooling environment, how is WA for regulations etc? I looked at Victoria and was not impressed.

Lucia Maria said...

Hi Steve,

How old are the three that you are homeschooling? Mine are nearly 9 (in a couple of weeks) and just turned 13.

Steve Walker said...

Here I am: It does vary state by state. In WA you are legally required to be signed up with the education dept, and there are yearly visits by the dept's "moderator". On the plus side the "curriculum framework" we must work with is very flexible.

Steve Walker said...

Hi Lucia, they are 10 (girl), 8 (boy) and 5 (girl).

Steve Walker said...

Here I am - do you have the same kind of rules, or less?

Here I Stand said...

The legal requirements are:
"As regularly and as well as a registered school"

How you do "regular" and "well" are for you to convince the ministry of ed. once per child at 6 years old. There are no longer regular reviews - just in cases of 'concern'.

So to answer your question I would have to say less.

Ciaron said...

I Have one week left before year 2 starts, doing 7 papers and have non-paid work experience lined up which should go part time paid around mid year.

Weather in Christchurch? Reminiscent of Auckland in regularity, still running two duvets though, it gets that cold at night.

ZenTiger said...

Made it back to New Zealand after a busy week in Sydney? Have I missed anything?

KG said...

Just trivial stuff, such as the transfer of more of NZ into tribal hands.

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