Saturday, February 6, 2010

Andrei Name suppression and the "professional"

Here is a tale of a "prominent" man who had downloaded 300,000 child porn images - so may in fact he had stored them on a external hard drive.

Sadly these cases are common enough but here is the thing - this man has name suppression because, according to the judge
"The punitive consequences are more extensive for you than for others, particularly in light of your position, your achievements and the consequential outcome.
Which got me thinking - why are the "punitive consequences are more extensive for" him than for others.

Because he had more than others to start with? Is that the reason?

I checked out his sentence, four months home detention, against a recent case, a farmer, and that is sentence is not seriously out of whack. But the farmer most certainly did not get permanent name suppression indeed his photograph illustrates the story.

The farmer is publicly shamed, while the well heeled "professional" is not.

I wonder what his profession is and what bearing that might have on this?

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mojo said...

Yep, there is something recidivistic about this.

dad4justice said...

Wonder if it is a judge? I mean to say justice fisher did the same!

Keeping Stock said...

This case stinks! Let's hope that someone in the media appeals the suppression order.

KG said...

You don't get it, you lot. Now, accept the decisions of your rulers and betters because they're the elite of society and they know best.
'Justice' after all is a nuanced and complex business, far too much so for mere peasants to grasp.
The gut reaction you feel about what you see as injustice (or selective justice) is the mark of the uninformed hoi polloi.
Got that?

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