Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Andrei Vietnam vet one, lowlife thug zero

Picture this, a sixty seven year old, Vietnam veteran on an Oakland Bus getting into a slanging match with a much younger thug.

Eventually he moves to another seat but the thug follows and takes a swing at him

Big mistake, Thomas Bruso the veteran deals to him.

The video is here, not embedded due to graphic language and violence, view at your own discretion.

Its very sad really, Thomas Bruso the star of this video is clearly a man wrestling inner demons and struggling in the world, but you can't help cheering him on as he deals to a public transport pest.

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding, simply outstanding!

KG said...

Just lovely! There's been something of a spate of younger thugs getting more than they expected from retired Marines and the like over the past year.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I nearly wet myself as the young black bastard sat there spewing blood and snot while he cursed that 'goddamned nigga.'

There's none so racist as a racist black.

DaveB said...

Follow up interview with "Epic Bearded Guy" here

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