Monday, February 15, 2010

Andrei From the department of who cares

TVNZ claims John Key has stepped "into a political minefield" because of a Guyon Espiner gotcha during Q + A interview yesterday.

Mr Espiner asked Mr Key about some Australian mining shares he owns and asked whether this presented a conflict of interest since, as we know, John Key wants to expand mining acivities in this country.

Then he dropped his bombshell
Okay so that's not something you've looked into because it looks like that Jackson Company has significant interests in mining uranium in Australia and Argentina, in the new guise of the company which is called Cauldron. I mean is that something that you - as the leader of a nuclear free country would be concerned about, or is this not something you've looked into?

It turns out John Key has a few shares in a company that mines Uranium, a useful metal. So what?

Why didn't Colin Espiner ask John Key about something that really matters, like the Emissions trading scheme for example?

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Psycho Milt said...

He had a minor point there with the conflict of interest question, but the uranium thing takes clutching at straws to a new level. Clutching at cobwebs, maybe?

Hopefully Phil Goff won't be mug enough to try and make something out of it - but that's possibly a forlorn hope...

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