Saturday, February 20, 2010

Andrei Would Obama meet with him if it didn't annoy the Chinese

Tibet fascinates most people and the Dalai Lama, its exiled ruler is some sort of secular Buddhist saint in many peoples eyes.

But realistically he is the exiled leader of a remote undeveloped country that was, to put it bluntly more or less feudal, when he held the reins of power.

Anyway whenever he goes to the USA he is received at the White House by whoever the President of the day is, I believe he has had an audience with every sitting President since he met with George H W Bush in 1991 and the Chinese squeal every time.

Another curiosity about all of this is that although the Presidents will meet with him they have not allowed themselves to be photographed with him, with one exception whose photo is used to illustrate this post.

And much as the Chinese attempts to dictate to foreign leaders who they may or may not meet fills me with disgust, it also seems to me that if the Dalai Lama came from Burkina Faso, say, he would not receive a presidential audience.

Perhaps if the Chinese didn't squawk so loudly - he wouldn't.

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