Sunday, February 14, 2010

Andrei Forgiveness Sunday

This is the last of my posts on the Triodion, where I have shared with you the four Sundays that the Eastern Church use to prepare the faithful for Lent

This Sunday is called Forgiveness Sunday, also known as cheesefare Sunday, since dairy products may be eaten but meat may not.

Today the Church recalls Adam and Eve's expulsion from Eden and how God commanded them not to eat the fruit of the tree, a commandment disobeyed and thus Adam and Eve and their descendants, us, became subject to death and corruption

Todays Gospel, Matthew 6:14-21 contains wisdom on both forgiveness and fasting. And following on from the theme of forgivness we forgive one another, before entering the fast of Great Lent which for the Eastern Church begins tommorrow a day we call "clean Monday".

Western Christians, of course, begin Lent on Wednesday but for all of us the preparation for Easter is beginning in earnest

May you have a blessed, peaceful, and spiritually beneficial Great Lent, leading you to the Bright Pascha of the Lord!

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